How to Mix and Match Indian Outfits for a Unique Festive Look

Indian outfit

The Indian festive season is a great time to get creative with your outfits. Instead of wearing a pre-designed Indian outfit, try mixing and matching separates to create a unique fusion look. Here are some tips on stylishly pairing Indian garments in novel ways:

  • Contrast a cropped kurta with a lehenga skirt. Choose a short kurti style kurta in a solid color or all-over print. Style it with a glistening new gown and lehenga skirt for a contemporary twist. Finish with a dupatta.
Contrast a cropped kurta with a lehenga skirt
  • Fuse an anarkali suit with a dhoti. An anarkali kurta's flowy shape pairs well with the structured folds of a dhoti pant. Just tuck the kurta into the dhoti. Go for the latest designer wear anarkali gowns.
anarkali suit with a dhoti
  • Layer a sari over pants or jeans. Drape a chiffon or georgette sari over fitted pants or ripped boyfriend jeans. Accessorize with a broad belt over the sari pallu crossing your waist. Try new gowns style dresses for a fusion look.
sari over pants
  • Style a bandhgala jacket with a lehenga. The fusion of masculine and feminine makes a striking statement. Opt for an embroidered bandhgala over a plain choli and ornate lehenga.
bandhgala jacket with a lehenga
  • Pair a crop top with a sharara. Shararas are flowing pants with a gathered waistband. Contrast the voluminous bottom with a cropped choli.
crop top with a sharara
  • Mix printed or embroidered jackets with solid color kurtas. Add some pops of color and texture by layering short jackets over simple kurtas. Buy pure pashmina kani shawls to complete the look.
embroidered jackets with solid color kurtas
  • Fuse a gown with a dhoti skirt. Try a sheer ankle-length gown worn over dhoti pants tied skirt style. Add drama with metal jewelry.
gown with a dhoti skirt

Experiment with pairing traditional menswear like bandhgalas and achkans with modern pieces. Customize the look by buying latest sarees online or other feminine pieces. With creative mixing and matching, the possibilities for unique Indian festive wear are endless! Play with contrasting silhouettes, fabrics, colors and embroidery for contemporary fusion fashion. Show off your original style by cleverly combining traditional Indian mens clothing and accessories with modern pieces. And Shop In Spark in style to elevate your Style.


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